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Legal Experts Deliver an E-Signatures Webcast Worth Watching

On October 20, Silanis hosted a webcast to help financial services legal counsel get up to speed on legal issues related to electronic signatures. Co-hosted by the top two US experts in e-commerce and e-signature law, Margo Tank and R. … Continued

GEICO case upholds the law: e-signatures are legally binding

It’s a growing trend: in order to be more efficient and improve customer service, more and more companies are using e-signatures to execute contracts, applications and agreements. In our experience, the question of legality and enforceability is top of mind … Continued

US Army achieving its vision with paperless e-signature processing

It’s always exciting to be part of a visionary undertaking—especially one that is succeeding so well, and on such a large scale. A full seven years after commencing the largest e-signature initiative ever undertaken in government, the US Army continued … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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Silanis “Black Belt” Talks About E-Signature Security

If anyone has ever told you that an electronic signature is as simple as designing an “I Agree” button into a web page, think again. That may be true for a simple software license agreement (shrink-wrap/boilerplate contracts). But to bring … Continued

Signatures Matter

We’ve all done it. Skimmed the first few sentences of a contract and then signed. Whether it’s done out of blind trust in our contract partner, or laziness, clearly there are times when we feel the risk of a transaction … Continued

Silanis attends BAI Retail Delivery Conference for the first time

For the first time, Silanis is attending the BAI Retail Delivery conference being held in Chicago this week October 11 to 13. Transformation is the main theme of the conference with banks focused on improving the customer experience, especially at … Continued

My First LIDMA Conference

Last week I went to my fist Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA) conference in Austin, Texas. Other than my perilous journey through the airline system (missing my connection at Chicago O’Hare and having to wait 4 hours for the … Continued

HP and eSignLive transform the customer experience and put businesses on the fast track to higher revenues.

In lean economic times, it’s all about creating value. Businesses need to maximize efficiency while retaining customers. And equally cost-conscious consumers demand excellence for both services and products, HP’s latest version of its powerful customer communication management solution, HP Exstream … Continued

The Future of Electronic Signatures: Silanis Shares Its Product Roadmap at Annual User Conference

CIOs, developers, IT and operations managers from Silanis’ customers and partners in the insurance, financial services and government industries wanting to help shape the direction of electronic signatures and ensure that their organization’s specific requirements will be met are encouraged … Continued

Silanis’ e-Signature Banking Summit confirms e-signature adoption has reached critical mass

All the presentations, conversations and questions at the e-Signature Banking Summit that took place on April 8 in New York city led to one solid conclusion—e-signatures have reached a new stage in their adoption by the banking industry. “It’s definitely … Continued