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eSignLive Release 11.0.6: What’s New?

Version 11.0.6 of eSignLive has recently been released and a couple new features have been added. The release is already available in the eSignLive sandbox environment for testing. Hence, let’s get right to it. Capture Signature In version 11.0.6, you … Continued

HR Gets the Edge with E-Signatures

In the fiercely competitive world of recruiting, e-signatures are giving savvy HR departments an edge. What’s more, the same technology is creating efficiencies in paper-intensive processes with existing staff as well. Electronic signatures help organizations of all sizes streamline the gathering of employee … Continued

Government Spending for Good!

How often do you hear that phrase these days? As it turns out, there is a lot of good news for all of us. We are seeing a significant shift to better citizen servicing from the Government – with funds … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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The Ultimate List of E-Signature Resources for Australia

Mark Brown of Sydney, Australia, recently closed on his mortgage. He got to settlement day, was ready to pick up the keys and move into the house, only to discover there was an issue with the documents – they hadn’t been … Continued

Analysts Say E-Signature is a Prerequisite for Digital Business

Worldwide acceptance for e-signatures has been growing rapidly over the last several years in terms of business and end user adoption. There are a number of driving forces behind the boost to the e-signature market, including the growth of the … Continued

Get Ready for the Spring ’17 Release!

Here in the northeast, Spring is definitely in the air. It’s my favorite time of year because it means I can put my winter gear in storage and start planning for warmer times! For eSignLive, this time of year means we … Continued

eSignLive Release 11.0.5: What’s New?

As part of the eSignLive Spring ’17 Release, new features and enhancements are available in both sandbox and production environments. Let’s take a look at the release. Document Visibility By default, during a signing ceremony all recipients can view all … Continued

Top 80 E-Signature Resources for Insurance

Electronic signature adoption in insurance is such a hot topic right now that we’ve compiled a list of more than 80 e-signature resources for insurance carriers, agents/brokers and solution providers. Around the world, insurance professionals are turning to electronic signatures … Continued

Week In Review: Developer Community – February 20, 2017

Let’s take a quick look at what happened for the past week in the Developer Community. Uniqueness of Ids When integrating eSignLive into your application, you have the ability to assign custom ids to several fields. For example, you can … Continued

Using Mobile as an Upselling Channel in Financial Services

We rely on our bank’s mobile app to check balances, pay bills and transfer money electronically. But mobile consumers want (and expect) to do more. The logical next step, then, is to enable consumers to conduct all of the services … Continued