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Top 80 E-Signature Resources for Insurance

Electronic signature adoption in insurance is such a hot topic right now that we’ve compiled a list of more than 80 e-signature resources for insurance carriers, agents/brokers and solution providers. Around the world, insurance professionals are turning to electronic signatures … Continued

Telehealth Needs Secure Patient Identification Practices

Telehealth can become a game changer as it pertains to how care is delivered. And a very welcomed one at that. Telehealth, designed to help people living with long-term health conditions at home, allows the individual to monitor their own … Continued

eSignLive Gets HIPAA Compliant for the U.S. Healthcare Industry

If you work in the U.S. healthcare industry, you are likely very familiar with HIPAA. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is the US law ensuring privacy standards to protect patient medical records. Enacted in 1996 with the purpose … Continued

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Digital Certificates – Get ready, they’re here!

It was somewhat hilarious to see the person in front of me at the store when it came time to pay. He pulled out his credit card and instead of swiping it, he was asked to insert it. The look … Continued

New California Law: Breaking Down Barriers to eSignature Adoption

With the paper era winding down, fully digital processes are replacing manual, paper-based processes to speed up business and government. Federal e-signature statutes in the U.S. have been in place for over 15 years, enabling digital transactions that represent trillions … Continued

Building Digital Trust in Government Processes

Like most people today, I love doing business over the internet — researching, shopping, keeping up on the latest news. And like most people, I take for granted, simply assume, that the site I’m visiting is protecting me and my … Continued

Going Global in a Big Way at Dreamforce 2016

Dreamforce is right around the corner and this year, eSignLive has doubled its presence at the mega CRM event in San Francisco. In this 4-part blog series leading up to Dreamforce, we’ll provide insight into some of the big e-signature … Continued

  • 21 September 2016

    Published by Rahim Kaba

eIDAS: Striking A Balance Between Security & Customer Experience

As European organizations seek to deliver business via online and mobile channels, the need to balance security with improvements to the customer experience is key. One of the technologies that does both – electronic signatures – is underpinning the digital … Continued

How It Works: Qualified E-Signature Under eIDAS

Now that the eIDAS Regulation is in full effect, the ease of cross-border digital business is a reality in the EU. The new Regulation comes at an opportune time to make trusted communications between businesses, citizens and public authorities easier … Continued

Face Recognition for Mobile Apps – As Easy As Taking a Selfie

Next time you talk a selfie, it could be used for your own protection. Face Recognition is a simple, secure and user-friendly security feature that utilizes multiple facial data points to accurately authenticate end users and next generation likeness detection … Continued