Author: Rahim Kaba

As Director of Product Marketing, Rahim is the outbound voice of the eSignLive™ product line. He leads the product marketing team and is responsible for driving product awareness, gathering customer & market insights and defining positioning in the core markets that eSignLive serves.

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How to Evaluate E-Signature Pricing

Organizations know that moving to a fully digital signing workflow will benefit their entire operations. They often start small to test the software’s capabilities, work out any kinks and prove the value. From there, the goal is to extend electronic … Continued

Building the Bank of the Future

The banking industry is changing fast. But traditional banks are sitting on dated legacy systems that are preventing them from delivering on the digital experiences that their consumers want and expect. While banks continue to focus on growth, they face … Continued

Why Security & Risk Professionals Need to Play a Key Role in Selecting E-Signature

In a report published last week by Forrester Research titled, S&R Pros Must Play an Outsized Role In Selecting and Implementing E-Signature, analysts highlight that security should continue to be a top consideration and as a result, security and risk (S&R) … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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Who’s Keeping Your E-Signature Provider Honest?

Businesses are making use of applications in the cloud more than ever, but, trusting operations and confidential data with another company can be nerve-racking. Therefore finding a dependable, security-conscious provider that has the proper controls in place is critical to … Continued

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with E-Signatures

It’s nearing the end of the quarter. You and your customer agree on terms. You send out a contract. You give your customer a friendly reminder call and send follow-up emails. The customer is finally ready to ink the contract. … Continued

Extending the Value of Salesforce With E-Signatures

Salesforce is well-known as a powerhouse in the CRM market. In the early days, the solution’s target user was a salesperson or sales manager. Today however, Salesforce has a much larger reach across the enterprise. Gartner recognizes that since 2010, … Continued

Which E-Signature Deployment Option Is Right For Your Business?

Deciding how to deploy an e-signature solution that will support your business is a tough decision. There is really no right or wrong answer. Many of the buyers we speak to only make a decision once they’ve defined their e-signature use … Continued

Why Data Residency Matters to Digital Business

Do you know where your data is? Most organizations don’t, but they want to. Today, cloud adoption continues to grow at unprecedented rates and businesses around the globe are increasingly concerned about where their data resides. As organizations support borderless … Continued

Hotel California Syndrome: How to Avoid Vendor Lock-in

In The Cloud Security Ecosystem: Technical, Legal, Business and Management Issues, authors Ryan Ko and Raymond Choo write, “The concern of vendor lock-in is often described as the ‘Hotel California’ syndrome. You can check in but you can never leave.”[1] … Continued

Protecting Customer Data in the Cloud: Why Tight Security Measures Matter

Businesses are moving their customer transactions to the cloud. According to a recent Gartner survey, SaaS applications are increasingly being used for mission-critical and customer-facing business processes. Today, organizations are signing up and servicing consumers in a completely digital environment … Continued