Author: Joe McKairnes

Joe brings over 35 years of experience in providing software solutions. He began his career at Wang Laboratories as District Technical Specialist servicing mission-critical Mainframe systems. A shift to software included tenure at Attachmate, Netscape, BEA (WebLogic), Pega and Thunderhead. Joe's broad experience spans from designing business solutions to creating infrastructure, integration and business processes. In his current role as Principal Sales Engineer at eSignLive, Joe works with the company’s largest clients in the government and public sector to ensure their success. Whether as an individual contributor or manager, Joe’s passion for ensuring an exceptional client experience and his enthusiasm in providing solutions are the hallmark of his work.

Highlights from DocPoint User Conference 2017

Every now and then the right circumstances occur and everything seems to fall into place. Think of the movie, “The Perfect Storm”. Sometimes the perfect storm is good – when the planets align and the whole universe seems to be … Continued

Government Spending for Good!

How often do you hear that phrase these days? As it turns out, there is a lot of good news for all of us. We are seeing a significant shift to better citizen servicing from the Government – with funds … Continued

Digital Certificates – Get ready, they’re here!

It was somewhat hilarious to see the person in front of me at the store when it came time to pay. He pulled out his credit card and instead of swiping it, he was asked to insert it. The look … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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Imagine a World Where the Government Serves You

I checked my mobile phone this morning and observed that a new text message had arrived overnight. “Good morning, Mr. McKairnes. Your 2010 Chevrolet Travers registration is due. Click here to renew.” I clicked the link and a page opened … Continued

Building Digital Trust in Government Processes

Like most people today, I love doing business over the internet — researching, shopping, keeping up on the latest news. And like most people, I take for granted, simply assume, that the site I’m visiting is protecting me and my … Continued

Self-Serve Government Enabled with E-Signatures

The big push today is for Governments at all levels to “go digital”. What does this even mean, and how do you benefit from it? Going digital brings about new ways of engaging and servicing clientele – citizens, vendors and … Continued

Handling Exceptions in a Digital eSignature Process

When moving to digital, paperless processes, we need to take into consideration what happens when there are exceptions. What if someone opts out? In a use case involving completing a digital transaction that involves eSignatures, you can define certain exceptions … Continued

E-Signing with Smart Cards in U.S. Government Agencies

When it comes to privacy and security of data, US government agencies use a Common Access Card (CAC) or a Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV) to manage access and authenticate government employees. Roughly the size of a credit card, CAC … Continued

Digital Government: Big Benefits from Self-Service

The big push today is for Governments at all levels to “go digital”. What does going digital even mean? And how do you benefit from it? Digital Government is about a new way of engaging and servicing clientele – citizens, vendors … Continued

When is an E-signature Not Just an E-signature?

We all sign documents. Whether using the ‘old’ pen and paper or the greatest digital technology – e-signatures. You may have already e-signed a birthday card or other simple document. But, have you ever thought about who else is e-signing … Continued