Author: Jodi Schechter

I love a great story and a good coincidence. A background in B2B tech sales and communications serves me well in content marketing efforts. I drive both inbound and outbound messaging, like to try new approaches, and believe in giving people reasons to say good things about the company. Content / Community / Collaboration / Coffee (not necessarily in that order)

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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Happy 16th Birthday, ESIGN Act!

It’s “Sweet 16” for the ESIGN Act. On June 30, 2000, US Congress passed the ESIGN Act recognizing electronic signatures as a legal substitute for traditional ink signatures – providing the person has confirmed their identity as the signer and … Continued

Why E-Signature Projects Fail

FACT: The majority of digital experience projects fail You read that right. A recent survey by Forrester Consulting reveals that more than 60 percent of all digital experience transformations do not succeed. An even more dire stat by Consultancy.UK pegs … Continued

Earth Day Salutes Electronic Signatures

Step away from your printer! Today is Earth Day, an initiative that began more than four decades ago to raise awareness and action for environmental issues. From a “Trash for Trees” campaign in Indonesia to the week-long EarthFest in Lisbon, global citizens … Continued