Author: Jodi Schechter

I love a great story and a good coincidence. A background in B2B tech sales and communications serves me well in content marketing efforts. I drive both inbound and outbound messaging, like to try new approaches, and believe in giving people reasons to say good things about the company. Content / Community / Collaboration / Coffee (not necessarily in that order)

World Paper Free Day Salutes E-Signatures

  Step away from the printer! Today is World Paper Free Day. It’s an initiative by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) that encourages people and businesses to go completely paper-free for one day each year. In AIIM’s latest … Continued

6 Things We Resolve to Keep Doing Right in 2016

As the New Year kicks off, we look forward to the possibilities a fresh calendar brings. It’s also a great time to celebrate our customers’ successes. Here are six things our customers tell us we’re doing right – and we … Continued

eIDAS: Making Cross-border Digital Business a Reality – Today

A new e-signature Regulation in the European Union comes into effect today, July 1, 2016, which will have an immediate and positive impact on cross-border commerce across Europe. Replacing the existing EU Directive, Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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e-Signatures Change the Game in Account Openings

You might be surprised to learn that despite the fact most of us now bank online or on mobile devices for everyday transactions, most account openings still take place in the branch. A 2015 Aite Group banking survey reports that … Continued

HR Gets the Edge with E-Signatures

In the fiercely competitive world of recruiting, e-signatures are giving savvy HR departments an edge. What’s more, the same technology is creating efficiencies in paper-intensive processes with existing staff as well. Electronic signatures help organizations of all sizes streamline the gathering of employee … Continued

Why E-Signature Projects Fail

FACT: The majority of digital experience projects fail You read that right. A recent survey by Forrester Consulting reveals that more than 60 percent of all digital experience transformations do not succeed. An even more dire stat by Consultancy.UK pegs … Continued

Face Recognition for Mobile Apps – As Easy As Taking a Selfie

Next time you take a selfie, it could be used for your own protection. Face Recognition is a simple, secure and user-friendly security feature that utilizes multiple facial data points to accurately authenticate end users and next generation likeness detection … Continued

IBM eSIGN-It Simplifies the Client Contract Experience

What do you do if your organization develops a reputation for being difficult to do business with? You find a way to fix it – by simplifying and expediting your processes, and creating an easier customer experience. As part of a … Continued

Have you done your docu-diligence?

We’ve all been there. We think we’ve done our homework, stepped through the free trial, read the case studies, evaluated the API – even had the selection committee weigh in on the final decision before committing to that IT investment. … Continued

Leveraging Our Own E-Signatures to Power HR

It’s always a good sign when a technology company uses their own software effectively. In addition to reaping the intended benefits of the solution, being a power-user allows the organization to have the same user experience as their customer, and … Continued