Author: Jodi Schechter

I love a great story and a good coincidence. A background in B2B tech sales and communications serves me well in content marketing efforts. I drive both inbound and outbound messaging, like to try new approaches, and believe in giving people reasons to say good things about the company. Content / Community / Collaboration / Coffee (not necessarily in that order)

Exclusive Interview with eSignLive’s Developer Community Manager

FinDEVr London 2017 is the premier event for fintech developers to learn about the latest tools, platforms and APIs from cutting-edge technology companies. We are delighted that eSignLive has been hand-picked to showcase its latest fintech innovation at the show. … Continued

Center of Excellence (Why create one?)

One of the great upsides of hiring new people is that they bring knowledge and insight from previous roles to your organization. Such is the case with Mark Kafka, who joined eSignLive after a successful ten-year consulting career with Gartner. … Continued

Open a Bank Account Online – Save a Tree

As Earth Day 2017 is celebrated, BMO (Bank of Montreal) marks its 200th year in operation. Today, more than 12 million personal and commercial customers make BMO one of North America’s largest and most respected financial institutions. From the beginning, … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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Leveraging Our Own E-Signatures to Power HR

It’s always a good sign when a technology company uses their own software effectively. In addition to reaping the intended benefits of the solution, being a power-user allows the organization to have the same user experience as their customer, and … Continued

HR Gets the Edge with E-Signatures

In the fiercely competitive world of recruiting, e-signatures are giving savvy HR departments an edge. What’s more, the same technology is creating efficiencies in paper-intensive processes with existing staff as well. Electronic signatures help organizations of all sizes streamline the gathering of employee … Continued

GAINSCO: From 0 to High Performance in 7 Minutes

How does an independent insurance provider create high performance in a humdrum business like auto coverage? They find a niche – and optimize the heck out of it.   In Texas, a state with a distinct car culture, GAINSCO saw … Continued

How 6 Weeks of Network Marketing Madness Changed 2,000 Lives

I don’t often think of network marketing in a positive light. Not many of us do. Reports of pyramid schemes, deceptive recruiting and duped downlines have blemished its reputation. It’s hard to imagine how network marketing might be used for … Continued

Not Working with Analysts? Why B2B Vendors Should

Interview with Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing, eSignLive Do you know how your company gets ranked against similar vendors in your industry? I’m not talking about how you rank, but about how you get ranked. If you think customer reviews … Continued

Higher Education Use Cases for E-Signatures

The class of 2020 will graduate never knowing a world without the internet or smartphones. What this means for institutes of higher education is that incoming students expect a wholly digitized college experience – from school applications to student loans, … Continued

eSignLive #1 in Customer Satisfaction AGAIN!

There’s only one thing better than achieving #1 in Customer Satisfaction on the Dreamforce 16 Gridscape – and that’s earning the #1 spot for the third year in a row! eSignLive has once again bested all cloud-based solution providers on … Continued