Author: Christian Vezina

As Director of IT and Security at Silanis, Christian oversees security compliance and IT operations. He is responsible for designing and implementing controls to mitigate security risks, as well as ensuring data security for our company and customers. Christian has over 25 years’ experience implementing concepts and technologies related to computer science, networks, telecommunications and information security. He has worked in government, financial, manufacturing and engineering environments. Most recently, Christian held positions as Director of Information Security at Dessau and Bombardier Aerospace, and worked with SCII Technologies under mandate to the Banque de France in Paris.

WannaCry: It’s Not Over

What initially looked like an attack against England’s National Health Service (NHS), forcing hospitals to turn away patients on May 12, 2017, has turned out to be the largest coordinated cyber attack ever seen. Cybersecurity professionals around the world are … Continued

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