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Week In Review: Developer Community – April 3, 2017

Let’s take a quick look at what happened for the week of April 3rd in the Developer Community. Enforce Capture Signature With the latest release of eSignLive, a new capture-signature feature at the transaction level has been implemented. If this … Continued

Open a Bank Account Online – Save a Tree

As Earth Day 2017 is celebrated, BMO (Bank of Montreal) marks its 200th year in operation. Today, more than 12 million personal and commercial customers make BMO one of North America’s largest and most respected financial institutions. From the beginning, … Continued

Leveraging Our Own E-Signatures to Power HR

It’s always a good sign when a technology company uses their own software effectively. In addition to reaping the intended benefits of the solution, being a power-user allows the organization to have the same user experience as their customer, and … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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eSignLive Release 11.1.0: What’s New?

Version 11.1.0 of eSignLive has recently been released and a couple new features have been added. The release is already available in the eSignLive sandbox environment for testing. Hence, let’s get right to it. Document Visibility In a previous release … Continued

eSignLive How To: Customizing Signing Ceremony Messages

With the latest release of eSignLive, you can now customize a large set of labels for the Signing Ceremony. For example, you can customize the text that appears on signature boxes (i.e. Click to Sign). In this blog, I will … Continued

4 New Features You Need To Try in the eSignLive iOS App

The eSignLive iOS app lets you securely send and sign documents from your iOS device on the go. To enhance the many powerful features already included in the app, we made some updates as part of our Spring ’17 Release … Continued

Week In Review: Developer Community – March 27, 2017

Let’s take a quick look at what happened for the past week in the Developer Community. Retrieving Users In Your Account With eSignLive, you have the ability to retrieve detailed information from each sender in your account through our API. … Continued

Digital Mortgages: What’s Holding You Back?

The mortgage industry has been slow to adopt digitization compared to many other industries. Just as the industry began gaining momentum and the major players were on board to adopt a truly digital mortgage process, it came to a screeching … Continued

Week In Review: Developer Community – March 20, 2017

Let’s take a quick look at what happened for the past week in the Developer Community. Proxies and Network Security Using proxies definitely has its advantages. For example, it improves security, especially when used in business networks. Proxies can be … Continued

eMortgage Library: Top Resources for Digital Mortgage Transformation

The digital mortgage is gaining momentum. Banks, lenders, credit unions, title companies and investors are adopting technologies like eSignature, eDisclosures and eClosings (with eNotary, eVaulting and eRegistry with MERS) to automate the mortgage process. These are hardly new terms or technologies. … Continued