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Third-Party Cookies

Recently, there has been a number of questions about third-party cookies and iframes and I thought I would seize this opportunity for a developer blog. In short, it was brought to our attention that, in certain cases, the eSignLive signing … Continued

Integrate E-Signing Capabilities with the Latest eSignLive iOS SDK

As hundreds of mobile apps enter the market on a daily basis, the pressure mounts for businesses to create a standout app that will strike a chord with users. When developing an app, presenting an intuitive and seamless interface to … Continued

eSignLive How To: Creating Fields

Fields enable the placement of additional data in a document at the time of signing. Fields can be placed anywhere inside a document and each field is linked to a particular signature. For example, you can add a textfield on … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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eSignLive How To: Creating a Simple Node.js Web Application

Node.js is an open source runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for developing server-side web applications. JavaScript is arguably the most popular programming language. Therefore, if you already know JavaScript, you can pick up Node.js fairly easily. The Node.js … Continued

5 Great Features You’ll Love in eSignLive’s iOS App

eSignLive offers the most convenient way to securely send and sign documents from your iPhone and iPad with our iOS app. The app has powerful features that let you manage and complete e-signature transactions on-the-go. Let me walk you through … Continued

How It Works: Qualified E-Signature Under eIDAS

Now that the eIDAS Regulation is in full effect, the ease of cross-border digital business is a reality in the EU. The new Regulation comes at an opportune time to make trusted communications between businesses, citizens and public authorities easier … Continued

eSignLive How To: Customizing Emails

Recently, there has been a few questions in the Developer Community Forums about the emails that are sent out to end users and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to address this. With eSignLive, you have the full … Continued

eIDAS: Making Cross-border Digital Business a Reality – Today

A new e-signature Regulation in the European Union comes into effect today, July 1, 2016, which will have an immediate and positive impact on cross-border commerce across Europe. Replacing the existing EU Directive, Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic … Continued

Happy 16th Birthday, ESIGN Act!

It’s “Sweet 16” for the ESIGN Act. On June 30, 2000, US Congress passed the ESIGN Act recognizing electronic signatures as a legal substitute for traditional ink signatures – providing the person has confirmed their identity as the signer and … Continued

eSignLive How To: Download Documents Within A Date Range

When completing a document package (transaction in the new UI), you have the capability of downloading your signed documents. Currently, eSignLive will keep all completed packages indefinitely. Thus, you can download your signed documents anytime you wish. However, you may … Continued