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How Mid-Market Organizations Benefit with eSignLive E-Signatures

Digitization is essential for organizations looking for ways to streamline their business processes. This is especially true for mid-market companies investing in technology to help increase both top and bottom line revenue, be more efficient and improve the customer experience. … Continued

Tips & Tricks: How to Delegate Signing Authority in eSignLive

It’s almost time to take off for vacation – you’re wrapping up projects before you leave, have your out-of-office message ready to send and you’re 10 minutes away from unplugging from work until you ask yourself, ‘Who will manage time-sensitive … Continued

eSignLive How To: Retrieving Field Values

For this blog in the eSignLive How To series, I will continue where I left off in the Creating Fields blog. Fields enable the placement of additional data in a document at the time of signing. Fields can be placed … Continued

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

Comprehensive guide to getting started with e-signatures.

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Tips & Tricks: How to Authenticate Users in eSignLive

To keep up with the pace of business, today’s organizations conduct business online with clients and prospects. The online world is a faceless environment and can put organizations at risk when dealing with the unidentified. Although individuals say who they … Continued

eIDAS: Striking A Balance Between Security & Customer Experience

As European organizations seek to deliver business via online and mobile channels, the need to balance security with improvements to the customer experience is key. One of the technologies that does both – electronic signatures – is underpinning the digital … Continued

eSignLive How To: Using Postman To Test eSignLive’s API

Postman is an HTTP client application designed for testing web services. In other words, it is a tool that is useful for development and testing of RESTful APIs. Postman makes it easy to test, develop and document APIs by allowing … Continued

Tips & Tricks: How to Use Bulk Send in eSignLive

Does your company often send the same document to many individual recipients? eSignLive offers an easy way to accomplish this without having to prepare individual transactions. Our Bulk Send feature automates the preparing and sending of transactions to each individual recipient, … Continued

E-Signatures Narrow Gap at Closing Table in Wealth Management

We always talk about millennials. And rightly so – they’re quite the disruptors. But there’s a different generation that’s about to start making waves of its own: Baby Boomers. As the baby boomers (people ranging from age 52-70) age, the … Continued

The Impact of Data Breaches Within the Healthcare Industry

The integration of technology within the healthcare sector continues to create seismic changes in how individuals receive medical care. Yet in their rush to adopt technology designed to improve the consumer’s experience, organizations within the healthcare industry face the very … Continued

eSignLive How To: Making REST Calls To eSignLive’s API In Python

Python is one of the most popular general-purpose programming languages available. It is used in many application domains, such as: web applications, software development, desktop GUIs, etc. It’s popularity amongst developers is due to three distinct reasons: Readability Libraries Community … Continued