Contributors of all experience levels find stimulating technical challenges to sink their teeth into at Silanis. As we are early adopters of new technologies and work with varied application servers, databases and operating systems, you will constantly push the limits of your knowledge. Our technical teams work on real-time enterprise software where security, scalability and performance are key.  You will be encouraged to experiment and will have the freedom of installing the software you want and working with the development environment, editors and tools that you prefer.

“By working with varied and cutting edge technologies, I learn a lot more and a lot faster at Silanis than I have at other companies”
Oleksander (QA Developer, e-Sign Live)

“Technically speaking, Silanis offers the best of both worlds… A small company but the opportunity to use the latest technologies and apply them to complex, high availability software for our big enterprise customers.”
Simon (Sr. Technical Consultant, PS)