All Companies say they encourage career growth… we actually walk the talk. 55 percent of employees working at Silanis for two years had at least one promotion, and many of them have built a remarkable career with us. Take a look at some of our success stories. You too can unleash your potential and expand your horizons at Silanis.

Alexei, CTO
2000: Sr. Software Developer, 2001: Software Architect, 2004: Sr. Software Architect, 2008: Director of Innovation Lab, 2012: Chief Technology Officer

Francois, Director Technical Sales
1998: Manager of Research and Development, 2002: Product Manager, 2004: Director of Client Services, 2006: Director of Technical Services, 2010: Director of Solutions Marketing, 2012: Director of Technical Sales

Yaz, Regional Sales Manager
2003: Technical Consultant, 2005: Senior Technical Consultant, 2006: Solutions Analyst, 2007: Business Architect, 2008: Senior Business Architect, 2009: Director of Business Architecture, 2012: Regional Sales Manager